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ISHTRONICS, INC is a fast growing Embedded Solution Company located in Kennesaw. Our mission is to help aggressive companies shorten their time-to-market while reducing product(s) costs with our OEM solutions.

Our engineering staff has innovated ideas for consumer, communications and industrial products and we have the best design and technical support team.

Please call (770) 590-1822 for any assistance on your projects.


* New

SD Memory data storage implementation using PIC microcontrollers.

Store large amounts of Data on memory devices using a small module that can be embedded in your products for data acquisition. OEM use in embedded application requiring large amounts of data storage such as GPS data logging and data acquisition applications.

The module has the following features:

1.  Real time clock for calendar, date and time.

2.  Consumes 30mA and up to 100mA when writing to the SD card

3.  Supports multiple vendor SD cards up to 1GBytes 

4.  Received data via RS 232/RS 485, 9, bit mode with address capability so that multiple devices can store data to the memory module.  Data is stored with a date and time entry appended to each record.

5.  Send for storage data to the module in simple format specifying number of bytes and the data bytes.

6.  Data may be retrieved by reading the SD card directly on a personal computer with an SD card interface.

Price of module   $150.00


Motor Speed measuring device.  When writing firmware for Motor Control you need to confirm the speed.

* New


1. Place a reflection tape (white) on the motor shaft.  Place the sensor within range (0.5"-2 " from surface) for measuring the RPM.

2. Obtain RPM readings or Rev/s

3. Input is also provided for voltage pulses.

4. Next generation will also provide direction

Price $149.00

PICmicro® 201 Demo Board

Board supports all PIC16CXX, PIC16CXXX, PIC18CXXX and PIC16FXXX and PIC18FXXX

Board comes with  schematics and sample code in assembler.  Call for C routines (additional charge)

Price $199.00

GPS OEM Receiver ( GPS MODULE )& GPS Related Products
If you are looking to cost down your AVL, G Mouse or Navigation System, you must stop on this site and take a look.............

RF ASK Data Module at 315 - 434Mhz
Reliable Low Cost Solution for Radio Control within range 200 feet
Frequency 433.92Mhz, 315Mhz and 418Mhz available

NEW:  Power Supply.

5V 15A Power Supply  Small form factor 1.8"h x 1.4" l  x 1.5"w

Input Voltage =10.2V-14.0V VDC    (Ideal for automotive -- not under the hood)

max operating temperature 0-80 Degrees Celcius.

Storage -40 Deg C to + 125 Deg C.

See Photo of Power Supply    Price $120.00                

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